Comforters and quilts

Brighi Tecnologie Italia offers a complete range of machines and solutions for the manufacturing process
of blown comforters and quilts.
We can handle all kinds of filling material (natural, synthetic and blends of the above) all the way from the raw material handling to the finished product with different degrees of automation and performance.

We manufacture bale loaders and breakers with different configurations and capacity to easily manage fiber, microfiber, shredded foam and other raw materials. We also supply loading boxes for feather and down to handle the natural fillings and safeguard their features.
We manufacture silos for easy storage of raw materials and their handling in the different stages of the manufacturing process.
Our blending box is the right solution for a fast, accurate and software managed blending of different materials with the desired ratio.
We can handle different kinds of polyester fibers and microfibers with outstanding results in matter of opening rate and processing capacity.
We offer a revolutionary pre-weight blowing system for the accurate comforters and duvet blown filling with all kinds of materials. We can also supply reliable conventional systems without the pre-weighing feature. A wide range of complementary items and optional is available to make the process smooth and assure an efficient and clean working environment.
We offer a state-of-the-art semi-automatic system for comforters closing, tape edge finishing and integrated with our downstream technology for packaging.
We offer an automatic system for comforters and quilts folding with different patters as per customers’ design and integrated with our downstream technology for packaging.
We offer fully automated solutions for comforters and quilts packaging with a wide variety of options for bags, from individual to film coil, from zippered to pre-printed, with leaflet or booklet insert, compressed or not. Thanks to the automated bag feeder there is no down time for bag refill or format change. A semi-automatic machine without robotic bag placement is also available for those in need of a simpler but reliable equipment.


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