BrighiTechInnovation launches "Cerebro"

The new flexible and smart Cerebro platform allows the production managers to run statistics, evaluations and scheduling with dramatic time and cost saving in addition to the usual technical support through digital documentation. This goes beyond the remote connection already active on all our lines to monitor equipment status and give technical support to our customers.
Everything is now available on a single platform to help partners and customers and offer a degree of interaction with machines and lines never reached before.


Introducing “Cerebro” we would like to send an important message to our customers and partners: we have been forced to slow down in this difficult time, but we are ready and eager to face together the challenges future will hold for us.

We have continued to work on innovation in the past months. We are fully active and operational despite the general uncertainty to support our customers managing the already installed and running equipment and troubleshooting whenever is needed.


We can confirm and honor project and equipment lead time and shipment thanks to the structural innovation we have carried out in the last few years and the commitment of our people.

We have encouraged and improved the use of web tools and platforms in the past few months for internal communication, online meetings, webinars and video conferences and we will keep taking advantage of those tools to help and support our customers with the commitment and dedication we are renowned for.

Full automatic line for blown pillows – high performances - (from raw material processing to pillows manufacturing and packaging – as additions the line can be equipped with metaldetector, box forming machine, pick & place, weight detection, print and labelling device, palletizing systems).

All the line is controlled by the software CEREBRO – only one operator from his working place can manage orders, modify receipts, create new products, check the machines status, give consents, make planning, statistics, interchange data, etc…


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